Dr Pepper's Social Media Explosion

11/17/2014 — With Facebook growing rapidly as a powerful consumer touch point, Dr Pepper set out to revamp its social media program. What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. In just 15 months, Dr Pepper's Facebook fan count skyrocketed from one million to 10 million.


Anheuser-Busch Delivers on Customer Experience

1/26/2015 - Anheuser-Busch is bringing consumers a new way to order and enjoy Bud Light with its Bud Light Button, a beer delivery app that allows users to order Bud Light with one easy tap of the finger.

Bota Box Expands Offering with Bota Brick

1/26/2015 - Bota Box launched the Bota Brick, its entry in the 1.5-liter wine category. Featuring the same environmentally responsible packaging, Bota Brick offers an alternative that stays fresh after opening more than four times longer than any glass bottle of the same size. 

Chobani Puts a Stop to Sad Breakfast

1/26/2015 - Chobani launched a national mission to #StopSadBreakfast, starting with the introduction of its convenient, protein-packed, hearty and delicious new product, Chobani Greek Yogurt Oats.

Retail Execution Reality Check

1/26/2015 - With such a varied scope in the industry, what is really involved when it comes to retail execution initiatives? We asked the experts to shed light on why these strategies involve so much more than a standard software implementation.

2015 Readers' Choice Survey

1/26/2015 - Now in its 15th year, CGT's readers voted for their top solution and service providers in 13 areas of investment opportunity. These short lists, and accompanying commentary from experts and analysts, can help guide decision makers in their quests to find innovative technology and service providers that deliver a competitive edge in the game for consumer loyalty.



Is Gender the Great Mobile Equalizer?

CPG marketing in all of its forms has traditionally targeted the female consumer. Yet, new findings from the 2014 RIS/Cognizant Shopper Experience Study suggest that mobile marketing is just as likely to open doors in both the physical and digital worlds to male shoppers ... and their revenue.Download Now >>