Women in Supply Chain

2/24/2014 — With its beginnings firmly rooted in trucking and manufacturing, supply chain has traditionally been viewed as inhospitable to women. But change is on the horizon as more women enter the field and as progressive companies recognize the advantageous skillsets that women bring to the table.


Dassault Systemes to Acquire Quintiq

7/29/2014 - The acquisition of Quintiq extends Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform to business operations planning and further enables its longtime goal of harmonizing product, nature and life.

CG Execs Say They Lack Digital Know-How

7/28/2014 - New research finds that more than half of business leaders place digital strategy and data analytics high on their agenda. Yet, 32 percent of respondents currently see themselves as having weak or no capabilities in these areas. Meanwhile, the supply chain was rated by consumer goods and retail executives as the No. 1 challenge for their companies — and is also the most likely to receive increased investment this year.




Emerging Markets Bootcamp

The consumer goods industry in North America, grappling with intense market saturation, has seen a significant transition into the emerging markets playing field. Two subject matter experts pinpoint the nuances that must be addressed from both a strategic and tactical standpoint when entering and operating in emerging markets.Download Now >>

2013 Shared Strategy Report

The report features the latest research on retailer and manufacturer collaboration strategies. Analysts explore the value of partnering in areas like operating globally, product development, mobility, traceability and collaborative planning. Download Now >>


The Cloud Supply Chain Data Network

Historically there’s been great difficulty — and importance — in obtaining high quality data to fuel global trade management systems. The paper also explores the advent of the cloud data network and some of the powerful advantages of this approach, including those provided by network effects — the exponential power of a collaborative network of partners to solve supply chain problems.Download Now >>