Shopper Insight 360 Study 2016

7/26/2016 — Download this report to find detailed analysis and key findings about transforming shoppers into engaged collaborators based on responses from 5,000 shoppers.


Product Information Management Reality Check

6/1/2016 - The rise in digital commerce and enhanced labeling requirements has forced consumer goods companies to take a much closer look at how product data is managed, but the market seems paralyzed by the myths and confusion surrounding these initiatives. Download Now >>

2016 Sales & Marketing Report

6/1/2016 - Brand new research from CGT and IDC Manufacturing Insights provides a progress update for initiatives in some of the most discussed sales and marketing challenges and trends in the consumer goods industry. Find out how investments in process and technology have progressed, and what still needs to be done. Download Now >>


Refining Supply Chain from Planning to Execution

3/15/2016 - Supply chain experts draw from their experience to address the current challenges and trends in the supply chain management landscape, from supply chain planning, including demand forecasting, inventory optimization, etc., to supply chain execution, including logistics, warehouse management, etc. Download Now >>

2016 Data & Analytics Solutions

2/26/2016 - Executives realize now more than ever the data and insights are the means, not the ends. Find out how to navigate through the endless piles of big data to discover the best business opportunities and actions to take to turn data into measurable results. Download Now >>

CGT's Guide to Retail's Big Show

12/11/2015 - With so much to do and see, CGT offers guidance on how consumer goods professionals can maximize their time spent at Retail's BIG Show. Find out what to look for while walking the floor at NRF, and how to engage solution providers and retailers in the most efficient way. Download Now >>




2016 Global Markets Exchange
2016 Business and Technology Leadership Conference