Fall 2015 New Tech Showcase

11/17/2015 — To help executives stay informed about their opportunity and investment options, CGT invites leading solution providers to showcase new technologies that promise to support strategic business and IT initiatives within consumer goods organizations.

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Tapping into Emerging Markets

11/17/2015 - This month, CGT and EdgeVerve examine the industry's approach to emerging markets, to understand the current status of initiatives and explore approaches to operating models and technology. Download Now >>

Mobile Retail Execution

11/17/2015 - CGT partners with Spring Mobile Solutions to take a closer look at external mobile applications used for sales, merchandising and distribution. Download Now >>

The Truth About Digital Connections

11/17/2015 - Digital technology has had a tremendous impact on the way companies do business today, from enabling direct interactions with end consumers, to providing mobile communications to field sales organizations, and more. However, it's not enough to just put the word "digital" in front of existing processes. Download Now >>

Breaking Down Mobility Myths

11/17/2015 - Mobility is often a big part of the technology strategy, addressing key components such as on-shelf availability and competitive data gathering. Yet misconceptions continue to confuse the market. Download Now >>


2015 Supply Chain Execution Solutions

10/12/2015 - CGT presents a comparison chart of solution providers to the consumer goods industry in the areas of transportation management, warehouse management and more. Plus, experts address the current challenges and trends in the supply chain execution (SCE) landscape. Hot topics discussed include sustainability, inventory visibility, and using technology as an equalizer. Download Now >>

2015 Social Media Solutions

8/12/2015 - A comprehensive listing of solution providers that can help fill your company's social media platform, monitoring, measurement and engagement goals. Plus, experts dive into new marketing strategies, the best governance models for internal collaboration, and real-world social media success stories. Download Now >>


Achieve a Future-Proof E-Commerce Platform

With today's rapidly evolving technologies, upgrading or replacing an e-commerce platform can be a means of competitive advantage in the face of changing customer expectations. Here are four critical questions companies must answer before embarking on an e-commerce re-platforming initiative. Download Now >>



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