Bolstering Retail Execution in the 21st Century

12/18/2015 — An effective and efficient sales plan is crucial to succeeding in today’s competitive marketplace, and retail execution platforms are mission-critical to achieving success. Here, CGT presents the strategy, technology and personnel needed as a roadmap to successful retail execution.


Debunking Myths Around The IoT

1/22/2016 - When it comes to The Internet of Things, many organizations seem focused on back-office functions like manufacturing and logistics, however, consumer-facing initiatives are also being implemented and are having a major impact on customer relations. This month’s Straight Talk takes a look at the myths and realities around this game-changing technology. Download Now >>

Fitness Plan for PLM

12/31/2015 - Speed-to-Market is not just a buzz-phrase, it’s a necessity for CPG Companies launching innovation. Understand the areas within PLM which can put launch timing at risk! Download Now >>


CGT's Guide to Retail's Big Show

12/11/2015 - With so much to do and see, CGT offers guidance on how consumer goods professionals can maximize their time spent at Retail's BIG Show. Find out what to look for while walking the floor at NRF, and how to engage solution providers and retailers in the most efficient way. Download Now >>

2015 Supply Chain Execution Solutions

10/12/2015 - CGT presents a comparison chart of solution providers to the consumer goods industry in the areas of transportation management, warehouse management and more. Plus, experts address the current challenges and trends in the supply chain execution (SCE) landscape. Hot topics discussed include sustainability, inventory visibility, and using technology as an equalizer. Download Now >>




2016 Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit
2016 Sales and Marketing Summit