2014 Product Innovation Solutions

11/17/2014 — A comprehensive listing of technology solution providers that help facilitate new product development, launch and more.


Marketing on a Shoestring

11/17/2015 - The TerraCycle business model was born from the idea that if you could find a way to make high-quality affordable consumer products from waste, you could create a business with two revenue streams. In other words,get paid to collect material, and get paid for the resulting product or recycled commodity you create from that material. With its business model in tact, but no ability to spend money on paid advertising, TerraCycle had to approach marketing in a unique way since the very early days. In this month's cover story, TerraCycle divulges its recipe for marketing success without a budget.

Recap: 2015 Consumer Goods Emerging Markets Forum

11/17/2015 - Go behind the scenes at this second annual event, during which consumer goods companies at all levels in global expansion engaged in high-level discussions about achieving profitable growth in the most sustainable manner in emerging economies.

CG Community Raises Over $8K for Charity

11/11/2015 - Have you ever wanted to be on a game show? Well, members of the consumer goods (CG) community had the chance! Just like the famous Family Feud game show, during the 17th annual Consumer Goods Business & Technology Leadership Conference, attendees had the opportunity to be part of a "family" to compete and win on pop culture questions. So, who won bragging rights during the charity event debut? Read on to find out!

OREO Invites Fans to Personalize Packaging

11/10/2015 - OREO Colorfilled allows shoppers to personalize OREO cookie wrappers this holiday season, supporting Mondelez International's Strategy to Grow E-Commerce Revenues to $1 billion by 2020.


Tapping into Emerging Markets

This month, CGT and EdgeVerve examine the industry's approach to emerging markets, to understand the current status of initiatives and explore approaches to operating models and technology.Download Now >>

Mobile Retail Execution

CGT partners with Spring Mobile Solutions to take a closer look at external mobile applications used for sales, merchandising and distribution.Download Now >>


Achieve a Future-Proof E-Commerce Platform

With today's rapidly evolving technologies, upgrading or replacing an e-commerce platform can be a means of competitive advantage in the face of changing customer expectations. Here are four critical questions companies must answer before embarking on an e-commerce re-platforming initiative. Download Now >>