2014 Product Innovation Solutions

11/17/2014 — A comprehensive listing of technology solution providers that help facilitate new product development, launch and more.


Coca-Cola On Track to Meet Water Replenishment Goal

9/4/2015 - In 2007 , The Coca-Cola Company and its global bottling partners set a goal to return to communities and nature an amount of water equal to what the company uses in its finished beverages and their production. Today they are on track to meet their 2020 water replenishment goal by the end of 2015, five years ahead of schedual. Find out how the system is balancing the equivalent of an estimated 94 percent of the water used in its finished beverages.

Retail Experience Center for Walmart Opens

8/26/2015 - A Retail Experience Center for Walmart has opened, offering Walmart executives an innovative showroom and simulated retail store, in an effort to foster an open exchange of ideas and insights.

Aspartame-Free Diet Pepsi Hits Shelves

8/12/2015 - A new Diet Pepsi has hit shelves this summer. Answering consumer demand, the diet soda is sweetened with a blend of sucralose instead of aspartame.


Achieving Global Growth and Innovation

The consumer goods industry in North America has seen a significant transition to global expansion, including the emerging markets playing field. Here, we have tapped into the extensive knowledge banks of industry leaders to help us focus on the best practices needed for expansion in the most sustainable manner.Download Now >>


Gartner's 2015 Market Guide for Trade Promotion Management and Optimization

Are you leveraging the best TPO /TPM solutions to optimize your trade investment? According to Gartner, “Consumer goods manufacturers spend upward of 25% of revenue on trade promotions — and more each year. Better visibility, analysis and collaboration with retailers are required to combat this trend.” Gartner’s latest review of leading TPM / TPO providers can help CIOs and IT leaders and their business partners understand technology's role and select the vendor with the best solution to meet their needs.
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