Experts Disprove Big Data Myths

12/13/2013 — This month's Straight Talk tackles big data, one of the hottest topics to hit the business world. Notwithstanding the hype, the buzz around insights and analytics has created a lot of confusion. Let our experts help you disprove the myths.


Early IT Adopters Gain Competitive Advantage

9/24/2014 - A new study from Harvard Business Review shows that IT “Pioneers” are more likely to lead in both revenue growth and market position than their peers. This is more than twice the growth experienced by companies identified as technology “Followers” and three times the growth experienced by “Cautious” technology adopters. Where does your company fall?

Best Practices for Building Talent in Analytics

9/17/2014 - Companies across all industries depend more and more on analytics and insights to run their businesses profitably. But, attracting, managing and retaining talented personnel to execute on those strategies is proving to be quite the challenge. This is not the case for consumer products heavyweight P&G, which has been at the top of its analytics game for 50 years now.

The Carlsberg Group Goes 'GloCal'

9/17/2014 - The Carlsberg Group introduces a vision for business it calls “GloCal,” which aims for global efficiency while staying true to its local roots.


The Omnichannel Imperative

Strategic alliances between the CIO and CMO more crucial than ever. So, CGT offers a sneak peek inside its exclusive CIO/CMO Share Group, featuring an interview that discusses the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for forward-thinking Marketing and IT executives, starting with one trend that seems to pop up in every conversation: Omnichannel. Download Now >>

2014 Shopper Experience Study

A new study examines the likes and dislikes of 5,300 shoppers to help retailers and their consumer products suppliers prioritize investments that range from in-store and online interactions to omnichannel integration and flexible fulfillment.Download Now >>


Are you prepared to customize assortments?

A sophisticated space and assortment customization capability is required for competitive success in today's retail environment. The Category Management Association provides a panoramic overview of this challenging subject. Download the white paper.Download Now >>