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Empowering Global Growth

09/09/2015 - As Chief Information & Process Officer, Mark Dajani's goal is to power up Mondelez International for growth — through the streamlining of processes, empowering its people with capabilities and future-proofing its technology. More specifically, Dajani gives CGT an exclusive interview on the latest WiSE initiative, and how it has helped to minimize regional differences for sustainable, global growth.

Editor's Note:

On a Journey

09/09/2015 - CGT Editor Alarice Rajagopal gives you a sneak peek into the trends and topics discussed in this month's issue.

Custom Research:

Successful New Products Still Elusive

09/09/2015 - New research uncovers new product introduction challenges facing the industry and how to understand the development process.

Between the Lines:

Approaching Emerging Markets

09/09/2015 - Kirk W. Wheeler of Manthan, sits down with CGT to discuss how to leverage the right partners, data and technology in new regions.

Shared Data Report:

Bridging the Data Divide: 2015 Retailer/Supplier Shared Data Study

09/09/2015 - For the sixth year now, CGT and RIS News surveyed consumer goods and retail executives to compare year-over-year sentiment toward data sharing adoption and benefits. The conclusion: Retailers and suppliers search for ways to close the data-sharing gulf and create business value.

Technology Solutions Guide:

2015 Consultant & IT Services

09/09/2015 - CGT presents a comprehensive listing of consultancies that help to solve business and technology challenges for consumer goods companies.


The Global Supply Chain Needs Risk Management

09/09/2015 - Supply Chain Insights Founder Lora Cecere, explains how the best supply chains have supplier development organizations that know where all their suppliers are, and are prepared to rally when an event happens.

Best Practices: Emerging Markets:

Clorox International Company Creates a Smaller World

09/09/2015 - Clorox reveals how it takes a measured approach to global investments so as not to overextend its portfolio.

ConAgra Foods, Inc. from the Trenches of Emerging Markets

09/09/2015 - Director of Emerging Markets for ConAgra Foods, Inc. explains how the company can build on its legacy and gain traction in new economies.

Danone Aqua Indonesia Creates a Consistent Flow

09/09/2015 - Danone Aqua Indonesia connects more than 17,000 islands in the country with a streamlined trade promotion management solution.



2015 Business and Technology Leadership Conference

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