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The Kroger Co. Goes Beyond Brick-and-Mortar

05/09/2016 - Although brick-and-mortar retail has been the focus of The Kroger Co. from the very beginning, omnichannel strategies are changing the future of how consumers are shopping. Since there is now a greater need for suppliers to collaborate even more closely with their retailer partners, Kroger created Program Mercury — to seamlessly blend together the traditional in-store experience with digital, into a truly omnichannel consumer experience.

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Beneath the Surface

05/09/2016 - CGT Editor Alarice Rajagopal gives you a sneak peek into the trends and topics discussed in this month's issue.

Best Practices: Sales and Marketing:

Jelly Belly Finds Sweet E-Commerce Growth

05/09/2016 - Jelly Belly selects a customizable and scalable e-commerce solution from Mozu that would keep up with the growing company.

Kingsford Charcoal is Always in Season

05/09/2016 - Kingsford Charcoal (a division of The Clorox Company) engages with consumers through weather-responsive ads to extend beyond the traditional holiday season.


New Algebra of Joint Business Planning

05/09/2016 - Kantar Retails’ Chief Knowledge Officer Bryan Gildenberg explains how addressable, behavioral and contextual marketing will drive better Reach, Resonance and Returns.

The Pulse:

Cola Throwback

05/09/2016 - Pepsi adds 1893 from the Makers of Pepsi-Cola to its lineup.

GMO Labeling a Go

05/09/2016 - General Mills, Mars, ConAgra and Kellogg's will start labeling GMOs on products nationwide.

Goose on the Loose

05/09/2016 - Vodka brand GREY GOOSE will launch a global, consumer experiential campaign entitled GREY GOOSE Boulangerie Bleue in May 2016.

One-Hour Basics

05/09/2016 - American Apparel will offer one-hour delivery.

Positivity is Beautiful

05/09/2016 - Dove and Twitter launch a new tech tool to analyze tweets.

Snack Attack

05/09/2016 - From pretzels to cookies, Snyder's-Lance, Inc. is debuting new snack products across several brands.

Between the Lines:

The Shifting Consumer Value Equation

05/09/2016 - This month, CGT talks to Deloitte Consulting Partner, Jack Ringquist, who shares key takeaways from a recent study that Deloitte, in partnership with FMI and GMA, conducted on how companies can capitalize on the shifting consumer value equation.

Technology Solutions Guide:

2016 Trade Promotion Solutions

05/09/2016 - A comparison chart of solution providers to the consumer goods industry in the areas of Trade Promotion Management and/or Optimization.  

Straight Talk:

The Truth About S&OP

05/09/2016 - There is still a lack of consensus on what is really involved in sales and operations planning.



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