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2015 Standout SMBs

04/16/2015 - Through the use of innovative thinking, technology solutions and even some aggressive marketing, these nine Standout SMB companies should be duly noted for the strategies that helped them grow in the midmarket.

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Just Get Started

04/16/2015 - CGT Editor Alarice Rajagopal gives you a sneak peek into the trends and topics discussed in this month's issue.

Best Practices: Data and Insights:

Findus Sweden AB Takes Back Control

04/16/2015 - With a supply chain that includes 800 finished goods items, 2,000 raw materials SKUs, four factories in Sweden, 23 production lines, and many more complexities -- inventory control is no easy feat. That's why Findus uses actionable insights to take back control of its inventory.

Talking Rain Finds the Right Mix

04/16/2015 - Since Talking Rain's ultimate retail strategy is to be a trusted advisor providing insight to its customer about the right product mix and placement of products, the company needed a technology that would enable the category management, marketing and sales teams to provide retailers with these insights.

Custom Research:

The Evolution of Downstream Data

04/16/2015 - This month, CGT partners with Manthan to better understand the evolution of downstream data and why Demand Signal Management adoption is still lagging.

Between the Lines:

Retail Value Chain

04/16/2015 - Britt Fogg, SVP, Product Operations at SPI, reveals the advantages of acting as a community with one unified vision in order to reap the rewards of data and insights transparency along the retail value chain.

Technology Solutions Guide:

2015 Data & Analytics Solutions

04/16/2015 - A comprehensive listing of solution providers that support the collection, aggregation, storage, analysis and integration of valuable data.


Small, But Mighty

04/16/2015 - Supply Chain Insights Founder, Lora Cecere explains how mid-market companies master the art of data-driven processes.



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