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Marketing on a Shoestring

11/17/2015 - The TerraCycle business model was born from the idea that if you could find a way to make high-quality affordable consumer products from waste, you could create a business with two revenue streams. In other words,get paid to collect material, and get paid for the resulting product or recycled commodity you create from that material. With its business model in tact, but no ability to spend money on paid advertising, TerraCycle had to approach marketing in a unique way since the very early days. In this month's cover story, TerraCycle divulges its recipe for marketing success without a budget.

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11/17/2015 - CGT Executive Editor Kara Romanow gives you a sneak peek into the trends and topics discussed in this month's issue.

Best Practices: Sales and Marketing:

King's Hawaiian Goes Beyond the Shelf

11/17/2015 - With recent marketing wins, King's Hawaiian began to look for ways to further capitalize on opportunities beyond the shelf, as well as expand its brand throughout the United States.

Lotus Bakeries Gains a Sweet View of Forecasting

11/17/2015 - A cloud-based TPM tool allows Lotus Bakeries North America to consolidate sales, finance and marketing efforts to understand how trade promotions impacted the overall business as well as collect critical data points required for an accurate forecast model.

Total Gym Fitness Flexes its Mobile Muscle

11/17/2015 - Total Gym identified its phone communications and customer relationships as its greatest strength and wanted to find a way to bring this experience online, by using a new solution to identify shopper preferences and incorporate the latest e-commerce best practices.

Special Section:

Fall 2015 New Tech Showcase

11/17/2015 - To help executives stay informed about their opportunity and investment options, CGT invites leading solution providers to showcase new technologies that promise to support strategic business and IT initiatives within consumer goods organizations.

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An Untapped Opportunity

11/17/2015 - Anthony Bigornia, director, Global Consumer Products Industry Solutions and IBM Industry Academy Member, explains how consumer goods companies can leverage hyper-local external data for growth.

Custom Research:

Mobile Retail Execution

11/17/2015 - CGT partners with Spring Mobile Solutions to take a closer look at external mobile applications used for sales, merchandising and distribution.

Tapping into Emerging Markets

11/17/2015 - This month, CGT and EdgeVerve examine the industry's approach to emerging markets, to understand the current status of initiatives and explore approaches to operating models and technology.

The Pulse:

Bud Light Introduces Smart Home Beer Fridge

10/13/2015 - Find out what new smart technology innovation ensures Californian consumers will never run out of beer again.

Yankee Candle Personalizes Candles with Online Tool

10/13/2015 - Find out how a new online tool from The Yankee Candle Company, Inc., lets consumers personalize candles. 

PepsiCo's New Look

10/07/2015 - PepsiCo's new Pepsi Perfect illustrates that the "future is now." Find out what movie the limited edition soda pays homage to.

Keurig Green Mountain Launches Keurig KOLD

10/06/2015 - Keurig Green Mountain has launched Keurig KOLD, offering consumers a way to create fresh-made cold beverages at home. Find out howThe Coca-Cola Company and Dr Pepper Snapple Group are involved.

Barilla Shows Consumers the Journey of Their Food

10/05/2015 - In this case study, CGT takes a deeper look at how pasta and sauce maker Barilla is offering consumers the ability to see the full lifecycle of the ingredients in a limited-edition pasta and sauce, available at Expo Milano 2015.

CGT Event Recap:

Recap: 2015 Consumer Goods Business & Technology Leadership Conference

11/17/2015 - Now in its 17th year, executives gathered in Orlando, Fla., to discuss the three pillars of growth: Insights. Innovation. Action. Here are some exclusive pictures and highlights from the live event.

Recap: 2015 Consumer Goods Emerging Markets Forum

11/17/2015 - Go behind the scenes at this second annual event, during which consumer goods companies at all levels in global expansion engaged in high-level discussions about achieving profitable growth in the most sustainable manner in emerging economies.

Between the Lines:

Strategic Post-Event Analysis

11/17/2015 - Many consumer goods companies have already invested in trade management technology, but often fail to close the loop with post-event analysis and, therefore, never have the opportunity to elevate the discussion to a strategic level with retail customers. Here's how.

Technology Solutions Guide:

2015 Product Innovation Solutions

11/17/2015 - A comprehensive listing of technology solution providers that help facilitate new product development, launch and more.


S&OP: The Four Point Difference

11/17/2015 - Commercial teams -- sales and marketing -- often avoid active participation in Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes. The belief is that it is not value-added work. Ironically, the biggest benefit is an increase in sales: the metric that is always top of mind for the sales team.

Straight Talk:

Breaking Down Mobility Myths

11/17/2015 - Mobility is often a big part of the technology strategy, addressing key components such as on-shelf availability and competitive data gathering. Yet misconceptions continue to confuse the market.

The Truth About Digital Connections

11/17/2015 - Digital technology has had a tremendous impact on the way companies do business today, from enabling direct interactions with end consumers, to providing mobile communications to field sales organizations, and more. However, it's not enough to just put the word "digital" in front of existing processes.



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