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Amway Deploys Innovation without Limits

02/25/2015 - In the world of consumer goods, Amway is a rare success story. The company's direct-selling model has been nothing but successful, but this didn't come about by chance. Armed with a structered, yet flexible product development process, and growing network of external partners, Amway and its Open Innovation Team, is well on its way to turning a good business into a great business.

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02/25/2015 - CGT Editor Alarice Rajagopal gives you a sneak peek into the trends and topics discussed in this month's issue.

Best Practices: Innovation:

Cadbury Boosts New Products with Personalized Video

02/25/2015 - With a reputation for its engaging marketing campaigns in certain regions, Cadbury decided to use personalization to raise its brand awareness, increase penetration, and connect emotionally with its customers in lesser-known regions.

General Mills Delivers Speedy New Product Success

02/25/2015 - Using the entrepreneurial spirit of a smaller company, General Mills acted on an intuition, an outside partnership and direct consumer interaction, for a quick innovation with a big impact.


Encouraging Diversity

02/25/2015 - Team members and partners who come with different backgrounds, experiences, attitudes, and ways of thinking, all contribute to a dynamic culture, robust knowledge bank, and innovative thinking.

The Pulse:

Anheuser-Busch Delivers on Customer Experience

01/26/2015 - Anheuser-Busch is bringing consumers a new way to order and enjoy Bud Light with its Bud Light Button, a beer delivery app that allows users to order Bud Light with one easy tap of the finger.

Annie's Debuts Grass Fed Mac & Cheese

01/26/2015 - Annie's, Inc. entered a fresh and growing category with its new line of Organic Grass Fed Macaroni and Cheese. The new Organic Grass Fed Macaroni and Cheese is certified organic and made with cheese from humanely raised cows with year-round access to pasture.

Bota Box Expands Offering with Bota Brick

01/26/2015 - Bota Box launched the Bota Brick, its entry in the 1.5-liter wine category. Featuring the same environmentally responsible packaging, Bota Brick offers an alternative that stays fresh after opening more than four times longer than any glass bottle of the same size. 

Chobani Puts a Stop to Sad Breakfast

01/26/2015 - Chobani launched a national mission to #StopSadBreakfast, starting with the introduction of its convenient, protein-packed, hearty and delicious new product, Chobani Greek Yogurt Oats.

Heineken Scores Global Presence with MLS

01/26/2015 - Heineken entered a long-term partnership agreement with Major League Soccer (MLS) to become the Official Beer of MLS.

Plum Organics Jumps into Adult Snacking

01/26/2015 - Plum Organics, an organic kids nutrition company, announced its much anticipated foray into the adult snacking category with the launch of Plum Vida.

Between the Lines:

Innovate to Invigorate

02/25/2015 - CGT's Industry Liaison, Werner Graf, provides some lesser-known resources for innovation including how to match your customers' pain points with the right technology, for success.


Cradle to Grave

02/25/2015 - While traditional companies are still looking at improving traditional forecasting technologies and improving the rules for forecast consumption, Lora Cecere takes a different stance for managing the lifecycle.

Straight Talk:

Cloud Computing Reality Check

02/25/2015 - With the adoption of Cloud platforms increasing, what are its true capabilities and benefits?



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