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Dr Pepper's Social Media Explosion

11/17/2014 - With Facebook growing rapidly as a powerful consumer touch point, Dr Pepper set out to revamp its social media program. What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. In just 15 months, Dr Pepper's Facebook fan count skyrocketed from one million to 10 million.

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Marketing 101

11/17/2014 - CGT Editor Ali Ackerman Orr gives you a sneak peek into the trends and topics discussed in this month's issue.

Best Practices: Sales and Marketing:

Energizer Gains An Analytics Advantage

11/17/2014 - Energizer was determined to accurately assess the ROI of retail service activities at granular levels. It sought to understand which services drive the most incremental sales and which cost the most to perform. It needed a process and a database to collect and deliver the data in a meaningful way.

Nestlé Delivers Speed to Insights

11/17/2014 - Nestlé USA's retail partners have come to expect a high level of insight-driven information to drive growth, not only for the global company's diverse range of consumer products, but more importantly, for the strategies and plans that help grow their categories overall.

Unilever Socializes the Brand

11/17/2014 - As Canada's e-commerce landscape began to flourish, Unilever realized the inefficiencies connected to its lack of a product information management hub. With no time to waste, Unilever enlisted the services of Hubba, the B2B social network that also acts as a product information-sharing platform to simplify digital asset management.

Special Section:

Fall 2014 New Tech Showcase

11/17/2014 - CGT introduces you to six technology innovations that aim to drive business outcomes for competitive consumer goods companies.


Global Digital Consumers

11/17/2014 - How will your company engage a billion new middle class consumers in emerging markets?

Special Report:

Mobility Reality Check

11/17/2014 - Leveraged in the right ways, mobile technology can lead to massive efficiency gains as well as sophisticated interactions with consumers. This edition of CGT Straight Talk taps the collective brainpower of industry thought leaders in the space to debunk crippling myths around mobility.

Custom Research:

Marketing Digitally

11/17/2014 - New research take a closer look at the digital activities being rolled out in the consumer goods industry, the drivers behind them and how marketing organizations are responding.

The Pulse:

A Smashing Review

11/17/2014 - A new book from Supply Chain Insights Founder Lora Cecere uncovers actionable steps to align and balance the supply chain to drive value.

Avon Launches Redesigned E-Commerce Site

10/09/2014 - To complement the traditional face-to-face selling approach, Representatives have the option to sell through their own personalized eStore.

Betty Crocker Launches Cookbook App

10/09/2014 - Betty Crocker launches its new cookbook for iOS App to cut through the clutter and simplify cooking with smartphone or tablet.

Hormel Launches Integrated Marketing Campaign

10/09/2014 - Hormel Foods, the makers of the SKIPPY brand, are launching a new multi-faceted regional ad campaign.

Jim Beam Markets Latest Innovation

10/09/2014 - The company unveils its newest cinnamon-infused whiskey with a collection of ultimate "shot rituals" to help set the night on fire.

Mars Introduces Newest Products and Brings Back Fan Favorites

10/09/2014 - Fan favorites M&M'S Brand Crispy Chocolate Candies and SNICKERS Xtreme Bar will join newcomers 3 MUSKETEERS Mint Bites, COMBOS Baked Snacks in two sweet and salty flavors, DOVE Whole Fruit Dipped In Dark Chocolate, TWIX Creamy Peanut Butter Cookie Bars and festive seasonal shapes.

CGT Event Recap:

Recap: 2014 Consumer Goods Emerging Markets Forum

11/17/2014 - Go behind the scenes at this inaugural event, during which consumer goods companies at all levels in global expansion engaged in high-level discussions about entering and accelerating growth in the BRICS and far beyond.

Between the Lines:

The Digital Advantage

11/17/2014 - Digital technologies are radically changing how consumer goods companies connect with consumers in diverse markets around the globe. And, the implications reach far beyond sales and marketing. Alex Kushnir, Partner at Accenture, provides insights into what this means for CPG sales leaders working to enhance their routes to market.

Technology Solutions Guide:

2014 Product Innovation Solutions

11/17/2014 - A comprehensive listing of technology solution providers that help facilitate new product development, launch and more.


The Potential of Retail Scorecards

11/17/2014 - The concept of measuring retail/supplier performance is fundamental to improving a relationship. It sounds so easy to do, but it is not. After a decade of implementation and use, progress on retail scorecards and the measurement of progress in a relationship is happening very slowly.


Is Gender the Great Mobile Equalizer?

11/17/2014 - CPG marketing in all of its forms has traditionally targeted the female consumer. Yet, new findings from the 2014 RIS/Cognizant Shopper Experience Study suggest that mobile marketing is just as likely to open doors in both the physical and digital worlds to male shoppers ... and their revenue.



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