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Bear Naked Creates a Custom Experience

08/08/2016 - When Kellogg Co.’s brand, Bear Naked, realized that its Food Forward Millennial consumers were looking beyond the cereal aisle for new food experiences — also to explore new and different tastes and flavors — the company launched Bear Naked Custom Made Granola.

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On the Horizon

08/08/2016 - CGT’s Editor gives you a sneak peek into the trends and topics discussed in this month's issue.

Best Practices: New Marketing:

Applegate Improves Marketing through Quality Engagement

08/08/2016 - Using RevTrax technology to gather actionable data to improve its ‘What’s In Your Hot Dog’ campaign year over year, Applegate has been able to optimize both on learnings from tying in-store redemptions back to specific media tactics, and optimize the user flow based on learnings from previous years.

Bud Light Creates a Social Campaign for Consumers

08/08/2016 - As part of its call to action, Bud Light worked with HelloWorld to create a site that allows consumers to sign up and receive customized out of office messaging promoting #RallyforHappyHour.


Getting Advanced Analytics Right

08/08/2016 - Consumer goods companies get real benefit from their investments in advanced analytics when they get three things right: talent, technology and culture.

Custom Research:

Prioritizing Technology Investments: Which Initiatives Are Strategic?

08/08/2016 - For many CG companies, prioritizing IT spend is a top challenge as precious resources are spread across equally critical initiatives. Find out how these companies are approaching IT investments.

Security Readiness: Managing and Protecting Consumer Data

08/01/2016 - This month, CGT and Hewlett Packard Enterprise partner to look at the current state of security as well as readiness in the consumer goods industry. There is definitely work to be done.

The Pulse:

Whirlpool And Innit Take The Connected Kitchen To The Next Level

06/17/2016 - Jenn-Air brand WiFi connected ovens will be first to market with the new technology.

Hostess Acquires Superior Cake Products

06/14/2016 - Category growth and rising consumer demand for fresh baked goods drives a first-time acquisition for Hostess.

L'Oreal USA Adds its First Chief Retail Officer

06/12/2016 - L'Oreal USA has hired its first-ever Chief Retail Officer, responsible for supporting the organization with retail operations leadership and knowledge.

Coca-Cola Unifies Brand Packaging

05/24/2016 - Consumers in Mexico get a first look at Coca-Cola's new One Brand global packaging design.

Target Opening Chobani Café This Fall

05/12/2016 - Target will seek to draw city shoppers in-store with a new yogurt bar.

Kellogg CFO Retires, Launches New Brands

05/10/2016 - The search for a new CFO is on as Kellogg Company's CFO announces retirement. Also, take a look at the new snack and breakfast foods from Kellogg U.S. Brands arriving in stores this spring.

CGT Event Recap:

2016 Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit

08/08/2016 - Themed around understanding the 365-consumer, the 2016 Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit united sales, marketing and IT professionals in New York City to explore success stories and lessons learned from partner and peer companies alike.

Retail & Consumer Goods Analytics Summit

08/08/2016 - Retailers and CG executives learned ways to better leverage advanced analytics and take decisive action to deliver results at the 2016 Retail & Consumer Goods Analytics Summit. Here are some highlights from the event.

Between the Lines:

Business Value of the IoT

08/08/2016 - With consumers becoming more connected through smart devices, and having access to more information, there is a surge of data hitting the industry that can help consumer goods manufacturers better predict what consumers want and need.

Straight Talk:

Experts Dispel Myths Around TPM

08/08/2016 - CGT asks the experts to wade through the hype and navigate Trade Promotions from spreadsheets to optimization.



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