The Omni-Returns Experience

Enhancing the consumer experience is a top priority if companies want to boost profits. To achieve an optimal customer experience, consider revamping your omni-channel strategy.

Taking on CPG's 6 Biggest Challenges with Mobile Field Apps

11/30/2015 - Based in large part on a CGT survey of global CPG executives, this research all points to one important conclusion: For field teams to gain a competitive edge, they need an enterprise-grade mobile application that creates a seamless, real-time experience from the field to the office. Find out how industry leaders like L'Oreal, Unilever and more, are taking on six major challenges to get ahead. Download Now >>

Achieve a Future-Proof E-Commerce Platform

11/14/2015 - With today's rapidly evolving technologies, upgrading or replacing an e-commerce platform can be a means of competitive advantage in the face of changing customer expectations. Here are four critical questions companies must answer before embarking on an e-commerce re-platforming initiative. Download Now >>



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