Reaping Rewards from an Integrated Supply Chain

Governing bodies around the world are enforcing new rules that require better traceability, improved visibility and more efficient process standardization from food and beverage manufacturers. Learn how to achieve a more holistic supply chain to keep up with this changing landscape.

The Cloud Supply Chain Data Network

6/1/2014 - Historically there’s been great difficulty — and importance — in obtaining high quality data to fuel global trade management systems. The paper also explores the advent of the cloud data network and some of the powerful advantages of this approach, including those provided by network effects — the exponential power of a collaborative network of partners to solve supply chain problems. Download Now >>

Manage Emerging Markets

5/1/2014 - For CPG manufacturers, emerging markets are an important part of the strategy and managing distributors isn't easy. Find out how to better manage to ensure success. Download Now >>



2014 Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit
2014 Emerging Markets Forum

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