Achieve a Future-Proof E-Commerce Platform

With today's rapidly evolving technologies, upgrading or replacing an e-commerce platform can be a means of competitive advantage in the face of changing customer expectations. Here are four critical questions companies must answer before embarking on an e-commerce re-platforming initiative.

Taking on CPG's 6 Biggest Challenges with Mobile Field Apps

11/30/2015 - Based in large part on a CGT survey of global CPG executives, this research all points to one important conclusion: For field teams to gain a competitive edge, they need an enterprise-grade mobile application that creates a seamless, real-time experience from the field to the office. Find out how industry leaders like L'Oreal, Unilever and more, are taking on six major challenges to get ahead. Download Now >>

The Missing Link Between IT and Supply Chain: ERP

10/14/2015 - A recent Gartner survey found that 43 percent of supply chain professionals are strongly committed to a single underlying technology platform that streamlines internal processes and removes the complexities involved with integrating multiple, disparate systems. Here's how ERP enables that vision. Learn more in this white paper. Download Now >>



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