Reyes Holdings Signs Distribution Agreement with Coca-Cola

In April 2013, The Coca-Cola Company announced that it had signed Letters of Intent with five U.S. bottlers which committed to creating a stronger U.S. business model through the granting of new, expanded territories.

P&G Details Growth Strategies, Sheds Duracell Brand

11/18/2014 - Following its prior announcement of plans to exit the Duracell business, P&G said it now plans to execute a split transaction, in which it will exchange a recapitalized Duracell Company for Berkshire Hathaway’s shares of P&G stock.

Mobility Reality Check

11/17/2014 - Leveraged in the right ways, mobile technology can lead to massive efficiency gains as well as sophisticated interactions with consumers. This edition of CGT Straight Talk taps the collective brainpower of industry thought leaders in the space to debunk crippling myths around mobility.

Dr Pepper's Social Media Explosion

11/17/2014 - With Facebook growing rapidly as a powerful consumer touch point, Dr Pepper set out to revamp its social media program. What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. In just 15 months, Dr Pepper's Facebook fan count skyrocketed from one million to 10 million.

Energizer Gains An Analytics Advantage

11/17/2014 - Energizer was determined to accurately assess the ROI of retail service activities at granular levels. It sought to understand which services drive the most incremental sales and which cost the most to perform. It needed a process and a database to collect and deliver the data in a meaningful way.

Unilever Socializes the Brand

11/17/2014 - As Canada's e-commerce landscape began to flourish, Unilever realized the inefficiencies connected to its lack of a product information management hub. With no time to waste, Unilever enlisted the services of Hubba, the B2B social network that also acts as a product information-sharing platform to simplify digital asset management.

Nestlé Delivers Speed to Insights

11/17/2014 - Nestlé USA's retail partners have come to expect a high level of insight-driven information to drive growth, not only for the global company's diverse range of consumer products, but more importantly, for the strategies and plans that help grow their categories overall.

Recap: 2014 Consumer Goods Emerging Markets Forum

11/17/2014 - Go behind the scenes at this inaugural event, during which consumer goods companies at all levels in global expansion engaged in high-level discussions about entering and accelerating growth in the BRICS and far beyond.

A Smashing Review

11/17/2014 - A new book from Supply Chain Insights Founder Lora Cecere uncovers actionable steps to align and balance the supply chain to drive value.

King's Hawaiian Boosts Market Presence

11/14/2014 - The King’s Hawaiian leadership team will implement RW3’s Instore Execution and BI Suite across the organization to capitalize on opportunities beyond the shelf.

Mondelez to Invest $24M in Turkey

11/14/2014 - The investment is expected to increase capacity of its plant in Gebze, Turkey, to support growth in the company's global confectionery business, as part of its supply chain reinvention plan.

Summer Infant Makes Two Executive Appointments

11/14/2014 - William E. Mote, Jr. has been appointed as the company's new Chief Financial Officer, and that Annamaria Dooley has been appointed as Senior Vice President of Product Development.

Belkin, Jarden Integrate Coffeemaker with App

11/12/2014 - The Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker features WeMo connectivity built-in and enables consumers to brew, schedule and monitor the device from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet with the WeMo app.



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