Oscar Mayer Awakens Sizzling Consumer Conversations

As the bacon category leader, Kraft Foods Group, Inc.'s billion-dollar Oscar Mayer brand does not need marketing gimmicks to keep consumers coming back for more of its beloved bacon products. But, its comfortable position is not stopping the brand from pursuing its passion to delight bacon aficionados and loyal consumers with one innovation after another.

Deckers Steps Out with Digital Marketing

8/22/2014 - Deckers Outdoor Corporation experienced 70 percent year-over-year growth since 2012 by strengthening its social media advertising and creating PLAs that replicate the in-store experience for online customers.

Dannon Conducts A Social Experiment

8/22/2014 - A recent digital couponing campaign proved fruitful for The Dannon Company, which is on a on a mission to evolve the way with which it engages consumers and encourage them to eat yogurt every day.

Mike's Hard Lemonade Goes All In on Digital

8/22/2014 - In step with its target consumer, Mike's Hard Lemonade made the decision to trade in its historically TV-dominated marketing strategy for one that's 100 percent digital in 2014. This change will give the brand the opportunity to engage with its target consumers more frequently and be part of the two-way conversation.

Straight Talk: TPM Reality Check

8/22/2014 - Is TPM still relevant? Or are companies already getting the most out of their trade spend? CGT gathered thought leaders to assure you that TPM is providing immense value, particularly when an interdisciplinary approach is implemented that integrates multiple sources of data.

O'Neill Gets Personal Online

8/20/2014 - When the company decided to launch its online channel, O’Neill was determined to maintain that same level of observation and personalization across the Internet as it did in its brick-and-mortar stores — even though it could no longer see its customers.

P&G Identifies Warehouse Global Standard

8/19/2014 - Procter & Gamble has identified a global best practice for case picking and truck loading, driving down freight costs, increasing labor productivity by 15+ percent, and reducing material handling and in-transit damage.  

Energizer Changes Leadership for Planned Split

8/19/2014 - Energizer is overhauling its Finance organization in preparation for the planned separation of the Household Products and Personal Care segments. Amidst news of the current CFO’s planned departure, find out who will lead the finance team in the details of this leadership transition plan. 

BYOD Tops the Modern CIOs To-Do List

8/13/2014 - A recent IDC study unveils that 52.5 percent of Canadian CIOs are open to employees bringing their own devices to work. Of those respondents, 50.8 percent said that it was to appeal to young workers, which will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2028. Find out what other trends are impacting the changing role of the CIO, and their biggest IT priorities for 2014.



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