PepsiCo Takes Action on Climate Change, Announces Sustainability Goals

PepsiCo, Inc. strengthens its commitment to action on climate change by announcing new goals for phasing out equipment with HFCs, signing both the Ceres BICEP Climate Declaration and the Prince of Wales' Corporate Leaders Group Trillion Tonne Communique, and reporting progress on its energy efficiency initiatives.

Insights into Emerging Markets

9/19/2014 - Newell Rubbermaid is 18 months in to a total marketing transformation that will unlock the potential of its more than 40 brands globally. In this exclusive interview, Chief Marketing and Insights Officer Richard Davies reveals how the company's investments in understanding a very diverse range of consumers will position Newell Rubbermaid as the preeminent consumer durables company in the world, and specifically accelerate its success in emerging markets

Danone Takes a Standard Approach to TPM in China

9/19/2014 - No longer satisfied with its poor process control, Danone Waters China implemented a trade spend management system that meets requirements associated with the complex Chinese market.

The Next Frontier for Consumer Goods

9/19/2014 - Africa is home to six of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world. Here's how Walmart, Coca-Cola and Danone plan to tap its significant business opportunities.

200 Years Strong

9/19/2014 - Nestlé is celebrating the 200-year anniversary of the birth of Henri Nestlé, the man who founded an infant cereal business that would grow into the world's biggest food and beverage company.

A Grand Entrance

9/19/2014 - M&M's brand celebrated the grand opening of its first M&M's World store in Asia -- M&M's World Shanghai -- on East Nanjing Road.

Bacon Beyond Breakfast

9/19/2014 - Oscar Mayer expands bacon beyond breakfast with new jerky snack in two flavors.

Clorox Introduces Two Product Initiatives

9/17/2014 - These programs are expected to help the company continue making more sustainable ingredient choices and ensure consumers can make informed decisions about their cleaning and disinfecting products.

Best Practices for Building Talent in Analytics

9/17/2014 - Companies across all industries depend more and more on analytics and insights to run their businesses profitably. But, attracting, managing and retaining talented personnel to execute on those strategies is proving to be quite the challenge. This is not the case for consumer products heavyweight P&G, which has been at the top of its analytics game for 50 years now.

The Carlsberg Group Goes 'GloCal'

9/17/2014 - The Carlsberg Group introduces a vision for business it calls “GloCal,” which aims for global efficiency while staying true to its local roots.

2014 Fastest-Growing CG Companies

9/17/2014 - In 2012, CGT first reported the fastest-growing consumer goods companies according to Fortune, which included three apparel companies, and one beverage company. Two years later, this list adds a couple more big CG names into the roster, including two powerhouse brands: Keurig and Under Armour.

La-Z-Boy Names Vice President Strategy and Analytics

9/16/2014 - In this newly created position, the executive will be responsible for leading a team charged with the ongoing refinement of existing corporate initiatives and the development of additional strategies designed to elevate corporate performance and drive increased sales and profitability.

Why Social Value Matters

9/16/2014 - By focusing marketing efforts on customers with the greatest social value, retailers and consumer goods manufacturers can generate more bang for their promotional buck.



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