2015 Standout SMBs

Through the use of innovative thinking, technology solutions and even some aggressive marketing, these nine Standout SMB companies should be duly noted for the strategies that helped them grow in the midmarket.

Talking Rain Finds the Right Mix

4/16/2015 - Since Talking Rain's ultimate retail strategy is to be a trusted advisor providing insight to its customer about the right product mix and placement of products, the company needed a technology that would enable the category management, marketing and sales teams to provide retailers with these insights.

Findus Sweden AB Takes Back Control

4/16/2015 - With a supply chain that includes 800 finished goods items, 2,000 raw materials SKUs, four factories in Sweden, 23 production lines, and many more complexities -- inventory control is no easy feat. That's why Findus uses actionable insights to take back control of its inventory.

Amazon Creates Potential Edge for Major CPG Brands

4/15/2015 - Amazon set the Internet aflutter when it announced its latest digital innovation the Dash Button. Major CPG companies like P&G, Clorox, Coca-Cola and Kraft are already on board with the e-commerce giant testing with Amazon Prime members. It is already being said that these in-home buttons could give big CPG players the 'leverage they've lacked in e-commerce.'

The Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Landscape

4/14/2015 - CGT and IDC Manufacturing Insights are teaming up to take another look at some of the most discussed challenges in the industry – trade promotions, downstream data, consumer engagement, and S&OP.

Land O'Lakes Names Chief Marketing Officer

4/14/2015 - As CMO, the exec will oversee the B2C and B2B branding and marketing strategy. He will also be responsible for building marketing competencies across all businesses and geographies.

Retail's 10 Most Influential

4/2/2015 - Retailers continue to introduce innovation after innovation but where do they get their inspiration? Vend's examination of the industry's most influential ranks the insiders setting the agenda for retail's future. See who made the list, and who you should be following.

Small Organic to Mass Market: Growth Potential or Selling Out?

4/2/2015 - Many small, organic food companies start with a homegrown story that appeals to its consumer base, however, major consumer goods powerhouses have been recently vacuuming up these niche players. Giants like Coke, General Mills and Kellogg have recently expanded their organic portfolios through acquisition with rumors of more to come. With the risk of being called a sell out, is teaming up with bigger companies better for growth, or is it a death sentence for these smaller players? 


4/2/2015 - HEINEKEN USA announces that Dolf van den Brink will be the new CEO of Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma/HEINEKEN Mexico, succeeded by Ronald den Elzen, the current Managing Director of HEINEKEN Portugal.



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