Nespresso Café Pilot Launches in Vienna

Nespresso launches a pilot Nespresso Café in Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna, as part of a joint venture with super premium food caterer DO&CO. 

CGT Reveals 2015 CMO of the Year Finalists

4/28/2015 - This award will honor the chief marketing officer who has made the largest demonstrable impact on his or her consumer goods organization through the implementation and successful use of new marketing strategies, technologies and/or processes. Here, CGT reveals the three deserving finalists who made the cut, and one will be named the winner at a special awards ceremony in June.  

Nestle Achieves Zero Waste to Landfill at All Factories

4/22/2015 - Nestlé USA announces that all of its 23 factories – spanning confections, dairy, frozen and refrigerated meals, ice cream, baking ingredients, and beverages – are now landfill-free, contributing zero waste for disposal.

Nestle Names EVP Zone Asia, Oceania, Africa

4/22/2015 - Nandu Nandkishore, Executive Vice President in charge of Zone Asia, Oceania and Africa (AOA), has decided to take early retirement after a long and distinguished career with Nestlé.

Walmart is the Largest IT Investor in the World

4/21/2015 - Saying Walmart is the biggest IT investor in retail might raise a few eyebrows, but most people would likely shrug their shoulders and respond with "well that makes sense." But according to the latest research from IDC, Walmart is not only the biggest IT spender in retail, but is the biggest investor in IT across industries worldwide.

2015 Standout SMBs

4/16/2015 - Through the use of innovative thinking, technology solutions and even some aggressive marketing, these nine Standout SMB companies should be duly noted for the strategies that helped them grow in the midmarket.

Talking Rain Finds the Right Mix

4/16/2015 - Since Talking Rain's ultimate retail strategy is to be a trusted advisor providing insight to its customer about the right product mix and placement of products, the company needed a technology that would enable the category management, marketing and sales teams to provide retailers with these insights.

Findus Sweden AB Takes Back Control

4/16/2015 - With a supply chain that includes 800 finished goods items, 2,000 raw materials SKUs, four factories in Sweden, 23 production lines, and many more complexities -- inventory control is no easy feat. That's why Findus uses actionable insights to take back control of its inventory.



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