2013 Readers' Choice Survey

For the 13th year in a row, CGT’s readers took to the polls to elect their preferred solution and service providers. The ballot spanned 12 technology categories that reflect today’s top investment priorities for consumer goods companies, with Social Media and Mobility making their big debut. Let the results, and accompanying analyst commentary, help your company find the best technology/service matches for your business needs in today’s fast-changing, hyper-connected consumer goods market. Here is a breakdown of the survey’s methodology and content:

The Top 10 Lists: The category lists are determined by feedback from more than 150 executives that work for consumer goods companies of all sizes. To ensure the integrity of the survey, only consumer goods executives may vote, and they can only take the survey once. We have internal checks in place to detect fraudulent voting activity.

We asked respondents to only vote in categories that match their specialty, whether that be supply chain, product development, sales & marketing or general IT. In each relevant category, they were asked to identify the solutions or services provider they currently use. They were then asked to rank their satisfaction level using that chosen provider on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being extremely dissatisfied and 5 being extremely satisfied). The Top 10 list (or Top 6 or Top 5 list) for each category was determined by assigning each company a total score using the following formula:

Number of Votes x Average User Satisfaction Rating = Total Score

In addition, a measure titled “Category Customer Experience” tabulates the user satisfaction rating for an entire category by averaging out the user satisfaction ratings of each company on the list. We feel this indicates the market’s satisfaction with the solutions offered in each category today.

Breakout Favorites: In addition to our Top 10, Top 6 and Top 5 lists, CGT spotlights two companies in each category that received special honors from readers:

  • Customer Experience Leader: This recognition identifies the one company in a category that received the highest average user satisfaction rating.
  • SMB Market Leader: This recognition identifies the company in a category that received the highest total score among consumer goods firms with revenue equal to or less than $1 billion.

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More than 150 consumer goods executives helped to determine the results of the 2013 Readers’ Choice Survey. Here is how the respondent base breaks out in terms of company size and job function.

What is your organization’s annual revenue?
62%    More than $1 billion
38%     $1 billion or less

Which of the following describes your area of expertise (all participants)?
18%    Supply Chain
37%    Sales & Marketing
12%    Product Development
33%    General IT (All of the Above)

Which of the following describes your area of expertise (for participants working for companies with revenue equal to or less than $1 billion)?
9%    Supply Chain
38%    Sales & Marketing
18%    Product Development
35%    General IT